Rao Ravul
Democrat for congress

California district 17 of the silicon valley for US congress
a successful Investor/ businessman

Values you
believe in

You should elect a representative who will support your ideas and visions, fight for your community’s needs, gain your respect, and truly care about your family values and neighborhoods.

I will work towards:

1) providing debt free college education
2) encourage small buisness development
3) increasing teacher salaries and provide housing
4) improve the job market by introducing free technical training
5) investing in infrastructure
6) provide public safety & security
7) free local transportation for senior citizens and kids under age 10
8) stop outsourcing companies
9) equal pay to women
10) help homelessness in california

District 17 covered Cities as below, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Part of San Jose, Milpitas, Newark and part of Fremont. primary on June 7 please vote for me and help for my campaign.

Rao Ravul

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733 East Elcamino Real # 116 Sunnyvale. C A-94087.